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Who Are You?: Encyclopedia of Personal Identification

Paladin Press,U.S.

Who Are You?: Encyclopedia of Personal Identification Overview

The first book to reveal the tricks and truths of the identity game from all sides of the game! Learn how to steal or protect any identity, and find out exactly how the government and a number of private companies are infringing on your rights - and how to stop them! Who Are You? not only draws from the unique writing skills and knowledge of Scott French, it also incorporates insider information from experts ranging from FBI and customs agents to top graphic artists, offshore attorneys, master thieves, and professional sharks. Plus sources, Web sites, regulations, tips, techniques, and state-of-the-art information that will change the way you do business and the way you live your life!

Who Are You?: Encyclopedia of Personal Identification Table Of Content

Birth Certificate
How to Get a Real Fake Birth Certificate
Baptismal Certificate
Notary Nonsense
Your Mother
Social Security - The Inside Story
Social Security General Information and Significant Points
Secrets of the Social Card Itself
How to Open a Bank Account Without a Social Security Number
National ID the Real Story
Driver's License
International Driver's Permit: A True Story
Back-Up's - Ancillary ID
Voters Registration Card
Second Passports
Camouflage Passports - The Real Story
Catch Those Illegal
How to Steal Anyone's Identity
To Catch a Thief
Check Fraud
How to Fake, Fraud, or Misuse Credit Cards
Real Good Fake ID
Roll Your Own
How to Make State Seals and Holograms
How to Make the World's Simplest ID
Legends and a Life of Their Own
Fraud, ID's and You
How to Tell if an ID is Real
Island Hopping - How to Stash Your Money or Your Life Offshore
Offshore Scams
Scott's List
You, Offshore and the Internet: A Source Guide
The Secret Life of Automobile License Plates
Retrieving Public Records of Interest
Don Ray's 104 Privacy Tips
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Who Are You?: Encyclopedia of Personal Identification

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